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About AllGood-Group

AllGood Group intended to invest electronic technology since the early 1980's. At the beginning, there was just a few staff with simple tools to finish the products installation for Hong Kong customers located in Shenzhen, China. With superior-quality products and responsible service, we quickly attracted some oversea investment. With more than 30-year development, now we’ve had shareholders come from China Mainland, Hong Kong, USA and Germany, and have also built professional teams for R&D and marketing.

We got good progress with our SPD products and Lightning Engineering Service for Chinese government Hydropower Station, Wind Power Station, and Photovoltaic Power Station projects. During mid 2000's one of our oversea shareholders convinced the board of directors to invest the IOT and RFID business. And up to now, we are the co-founder of RFID label and card manufacturing factory.

AllGood now is still expanding its business and products range, if you have any need or interest in our products, or have any good project we can cooperate, please contact with us.

Our Business

AllGood-Group mainly get involved in two major Division.


RFID inlays, labels, tags, readers

Manufacturing all types of RFID HF & UHF inlays & tags, RFID cards, RFID HF & UHF readers

Lightning Protection

lightning rod, surge protector, TVSS

Manufacturing all kinds of lightning rod, AC & DC SPD. Lightning protection project design and engineering.


AllGood-Group Services

Up to now for the RFID series, AllGood has been specialized in developing and manufacturing all types of RFID HF&UHF inlays&tags, RFID PVC cards, RFID HF&UHF readers, handheld mobile terminals and modules, and we also have built a great R&D and sales team to quickly and accurately act to client’s requirement.

Now AllGood RFID products have been successfully applied in many industries like assets tracking, vehicle tracking and parking management, warehouse management, supply chain and logistics management, factory production line and retail management, and in the future we would expand more related products for different projects.

  • RFID Antenna Design
  • RFID Inlays Manufacture
  • RFID Labels and Stickers Manufacture
  • RFID Cards and Tags Manufacture
  • RFID Readers Manufacture

Established in 1989, AllGood concentrates on new technology of lightning protection, research and development on new products, production and service with near 30 years experience. AllGood has provided more than 100 thousand cases of lightning protection project design, product installation, inspection and maintenance.

AllGood got Double Grade A qualifications of lightning professional design and construction, won near 100 national patents. And with CNAS top lightning protection laboratory of domestic management, equipment and technology. No MOQ limitation for OEM or ODM any of AllGood lightning protection products.

  • Lightning Protection Solution Design
  • Lightning Protection Projects Engineering
  • AC DC Signal Surge Protective Device Manufacture
  • Liightning Rod Manufacture
  • OEM or ODM any Surge Protector

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